GIST: My fraud experience with Lagos Food company activation job - Temi Badmus @gbetutv

I'm Temi Badmus, and today I write about my experience with a 'food' company named Klevs Food. I have heard that most of this activation, promoter jobs in Lagos are mostly scam, and some of them are avenue to use people for ritual but today isn't about the ritual but about a scam company.

As you all know, I'm a media person. I finished school few months ago, after which I came home for holiday. Mostly when I'm at home for holiday I either do my media work or research work, but this time around I decided  to do something different. I spoke with a friend who said I can do activation job, my first search got a no, reason? The company said since I'm a graduate, I might not take the work seriously and then one of the panel said, "This your phonetic, it really fits a front desk work". I left after. 

So I decided to give it a trial on another form, for the sake of experience and mainly because I find it daring when the lady said as a graduate, the job is hard for me.

I build Instagram followers, I'm into search engine optimization, mapping of company, freelancing and designing of websites, so to me, I really saw no reason why that activation job would be hard for me.

I want to Bring Your notice to fact that jobs in Lagos ain't only using people for ritual, some of them go as far as using innocent Nigerians to scam the needy through raffle tickets and all sorts of lies. We found out later that this Klevs Food might not even be a company but a group of people who are fraudsters, they also claim to deal with posting of songs for upcoming artistes, writing and so on, all these, a big lie.

The main person in-charge of this theft is "Shantel" and here is the guy's number - 08128928433
This number is their head of fraudster's number, he seems to have more than one number and he is an un-educated Yoruba guy.

They are aided by these people
08128928433: Sam Boy
08123133027: Mercy Black. 
09066923600: Ba Samuel
Check this numbers well should in case you are been contacted for any work.

Let build a better Nigeria by exposing fraudulent activities and their agents.

Temi Badmus

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