FADAKA LOUIS calls for Ban of “SISTER DEBORAH” by JUMABEE. @unclefadaka

Upcoming music act, Jumabee have come a long way in building his brand and career in music as a whole. Having been loved by many, giving jolly lines that makes you want to wiggle like that of Godillac, the artiste is one to be respected.

Having come this long and hitting almost limelight one would expect his videos to come with sense even though his management, S2DB Entertainment, wants something controversial like everyone is doing hoping it will be "the one".

Nigerian artistes are disrespectful, the A list are doing it so the 'No List' or perhaps 'C' list want to follow trend and hope to be legend. Or must all music act in Nigeria focus on just 'blow' and not 'future'.

The music video of Jumabee, titled SISTER DEBORAH shot by MEXFILMS is a terrible video and should ultimately gain only negative reviews from all media and must be banned for airplay on all TV stations in Nigeria.

The total and predominant abuse of everything Roman Catholic is a 'Big No'. The only thing not abused on this video is the "Tabernacle". 

Starting with comedic Charles Okocha acting like a Priest and his silly counterpart dressed like a gangster alter-servant is already enough to get the oil boiling! Going by this act and seeing 'walking' on the present state of our country, this song will ultimately lead to harassment of our Reverend Sisters who have left everything worldly just to server the Lord. You will notice the SISTER is already being pressurized by her father to give in (failed directing concept) and seeing respectable celebrities not giving second thought to this video is a shame.

While the blame is on Jumabee the "Visa" coroner, much blame must be awarded Christians all over Nigeria and they Christians that gave them too much for just a video. Must you show your shame outside by making the Lord's House a Market place and also allowing the abuse of everything that made it a Church. The Parish involved (I won't mention) should be felt with (they can easily be traced in the video).

Sometimes I laugh at Christians saying one or two things about other religion. Here is the shocker, I watch enough Islamic videos, you will never see this nonsense, in fact they will rather use graphics from beginning to end than desicret the Holy ground, and traditional videos too, in fact to watch a modernised traditional video, watch Q Dot's AARE Video and see if he did anything stupid, but no, it's Christian sacred materials that must be abused. What can I say, Jeho**h has too much chill and Je**s sharing too much mercy.

Dear Jumabee, go shoot your video again or face the consequences.

Not everything is funny!

I am calling on the National Broadcasting Commission(NBC) to look into this matter. 

Fadaka Louis 

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